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The After Effects file saved the day

We all make mistakes, including me. Here’s a good example of how backing up every part of your project (not just the project files) will save you from turning a 20 minute “favor” into a full day of editing for free.

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Backing up your projects

Some good tips to backup your project each day before you leave. Follow these tips and you will always cover yourself for that inevitable hard drive crash.

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Getting organized with your edit

Having good organizational skills will definitely make you a better editor. Follow these simple steps before you start your project and you will be least likely to be the one who causes the dreaded “Media Offline” screen again.

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Steven C. Miller – Writer/Director

Writer/director Stephen C. Miller talks with us about some of his latest projects in the horror genre and has some encouraging words for young filmmakers.

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Dr. Joe Hall – Associate Professor & Area Coordinator, University of Central Florida

Looking to further your education? Maybe get a degree that will help you land a job in the entertainment industry? This interview with Dr. Joe Hall, Associate Professor & Area Coordinator, University of Central Florida might be for you.

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First stop on the camera tour: the lens

The camera’s lens is probably more expensive than that car you’re driving now. Here’s a detailed look at all of those buttons, switches and moving parts so that you don’t accidentally ruin your career.

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Tim Bartlett – General Manager of Adrenaline Films

Tim Bartlett and I discuss the role of General Manager for a large-scale production company and the importance of interning in the entertainment industry.

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Cameras – an inside look

In order to be a great camera operator, you must first understand how your equipment works. In this post you will learn a little about the inner-workings of a professional 3-CCD camcorder. It’s not as fun as shooting a skateboarding video, but it may help you figure out what to tell the manufacturer when fall on your camera and it stops working.

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Component, Composite and Digital

Do you know the difference between composite, component and digital signals? Are you sure? I’ll bet you might learn a thing or two about how to properly hook up those colorful cables that you see lying around the edit suite . . .

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The basics of editing

Getting the itch to start cutting some cool videos? Before you jump into the editing hot-seat, take the time to learn some of the basics.

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