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Video lighting basics – understanding electricity

Lighting is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to video and film production. Understanding lighting and using it properly is a talent that takes time to learn. As we make our way down this path we will all experience different instruments that will help us turn our darkened scene into a […]

Recovering deleted video files

Up until now, I’ve been pretty diligent with my media. I use P2 on a regular basis and now I’m shooting more and more with the Canon DSLR cameras. However, I made one of those “project ending” mistakes the other day that we all have nightmares about…I accidentally deleted files from my Canon 7D that hadn’t been […]

DIY lighting – it’s easier (and cheaper) to light your film than you might think

I have been in this business for a while and I have heard people say a lot of wrong things about lighting. Most of the time, the seasoned pros do not like the idea of using anything other than name brands. DIY lighting and homemade instruments make them cringe. Don’t fall for this nonsense! Just […]

The truth about video gain and how to use it properly

A simple explanation on the use (or misuse) of gain for exposing a shot.

How to white balance your camera

We not only show you how to white balance your camera properly, but we explain the science behind it as well.

How to calibrate your equipment using color bars

Not quite sure how to properly set up a monitor using color bars? Don’t worry, we take a few minutes to show you the process in full detail.

C-Stand quick tip – the easy and efficient way to raise any type of light stand or C-Stand

This week’s quick tip shows you the proper way to raise a C-Stand without expelling any extra energy or hurting those around you.

Ellen Fox Interview Photo

Ellen Fox – Host of The Rotten Tomatoes show

Ellen sits down with us from her office in LA to talk about the show, and what she recommends for the aspiring writer/host.

The camera operator’s guide to audio controls

We crack the code on audio controls and show you (the camera operator) what you need to know when it comes to getting audio into and out of your camera. Your audio op will be so proud.

The secret to taping down (and removing) cables

Taping down your cables is a safe way to protect any location shoot. It’s also a good way to keep yourself from getting fired – or worse yet, sued. Here’s a quick tip video on how to properly tape down your cables and remove them without creating a mess.

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