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Video lighting basics – understanding electricity

Lighting is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to video and film production. Understanding lighting and using it properly is a talent that takes time to learn. As we make our way down this path we will all experience different instruments that will help us turn our darkened scene into a […]

DIY lighting – it’s easier (and cheaper) to light your film than you might think

I have been in this business for a while and I have heard people say a lot of wrong things about lighting. Most of the time, the seasoned pros do not like the idea of using anything other than name brands. DIY lighting and homemade instruments make them cringe. Don’t fall for this nonsense! Just […]

Installing (and removing) a soft box

This quick tip video will show you how to install and remove a soft box on a light. This trick here is in the removal, so all of you newbies out there, pay attention.

C-Stand quick tip – the easy and efficient way to raise any type of light stand or C-Stand

This week’s quick tip shows you the proper way to raise a C-Stand without expelling any extra energy or hurting those around you.

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Getting to know the C-Stand

One of the building blocks of production equipment – the C-stand. This article will talk about the basics of properly using a C-stand.

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The art of wrapping cable

Learning how to wrap cables is usually the first thing a new crew member learns. It is a skill that is universal in the production community and may help keep your apartment tidy as well.

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