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Music Video Homework Awesomeness

This is the best music video ever made </sarcasm>. Learn from it. Quickly, find 3 poorly used production techniques and add them to the comments. Points for creativity as always.

The Aspect Ratio Police – Why we’re not all that fat

Too many shows are being displayed in the incorrect aspect ratio. So many, that blogger and former ILM employee Tony Hurd, decided to tell the world about it on his site The Aspect Ratio Police.  He tells the story of Cable TV techs incorrectly setting TV’s to “wide” and saying it was HD.  I know […]

Prop Newspapers – I still have much to learn in this industry

A funny look at the prop newspaper that’s been circulating the film/tv industry for years. Image Via

UPDATE: Ellen Fox host of The Rotten Tomatoes Show interview online

I just got off of Skype with Ellen Fox of Current TV.  She’s the host of the Rotten Tomatoes show.  She gave us some great insight into how her show is produced and what the LA talent scene is like.  The interview will go up shortly.  Be sure to catch the show on Thursday’s at […]

The 5 most miserable VFX jobs that make movies possible.

John stumbled upon this funny article the other day, and I thought it was worth sharing. I learned a lot about the brutal, behind-the-scenes, visual effects jobs that make movies possible. Beware, there are some curse words. Article here.

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Are the expensive HDMI cables worth the high price tag?

I went into my local electronics store the other day (I won’t mention any names) and I was shocked at what I heard.  Some poor guy came in and asked for a cheap HDMI cable.  The sales girl said . . . and I quote . . . “those two words just don’t go together.”   […]

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