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Tutorial – A great way to begin any editing project

This tutorial explains the proper way to set up a media elements folder on your system so that you can keep all of your projects organized and easy to navigate. This tutorial is helpful for any non-linear editing platform including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. Start here before you begin your first editing project.

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Backing up your projects

Some good tips to backup your project each day before you leave. Follow these tips and you will always cover yourself for that inevitable hard drive crash.

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Getting organized with your edit

Having good organizational skills will definitely make you a better editor. Follow these simple steps before you start your project and you will be least likely to be the one who causes the dreaded “Media Offline” screen again.

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The basics of editing

Getting the itch to start cutting some cool videos? Before you jump into the editing hot-seat, take the time to learn some of the basics.

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