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The truth about video gain and how to use it properly

A simple explanation on the use (or misuse) of gain for exposing a shot.

How to white balance your camera

We not only show you how to white balance your camera properly, but we explain the science behind it as well.

Keeping a white card nearby is easy with this week’s quick tip

I was working on an edit for a show a few weeks ago and I noticed that the shooters in the field had a pretty good trick that they were using for white balancing their cameras.  When I saw what they were doing I thought to myself, ” why didn’t I think of that years […]

The camera operator’s guide to audio controls

We crack the code on audio controls and show you (the camera operator) what you need to know when it comes to getting audio into and out of your camera. Your audio op will be so proud.

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Camera Functions – Image Controls

This post gets into the common controls and functions for proper image color and exposure. This is where you begin to earn your title of “camera operator.”

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First stop on the camera tour: the lens

The camera’s lens is probably more expensive than that car you’re driving now. Here’s a detailed look at all of those buttons, switches and moving parts so that you don’t accidentally ruin your career.

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Cameras – an inside look

In order to be a great camera operator, you must first understand how your equipment works. In this post you will learn a little about the inner-workings of a professional 3-CCD camcorder. It’s not as fun as shooting a skateboarding video, but it may help you figure out what to tell the manufacturer when fall on your camera and it stops working.

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