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Recovering deleted video files

Up until now, I’ve been pretty diligent with my media. I use P2 on a regular basis and now I’m shooting more and more with the Canon DSLR cameras. However, I made one of those “project ending” mistakes the other day that we all have nightmares about…I accidentally deleted files from my Canon 7D that hadn’t been […]

To Itemize Client Estimates or to Not? That is the Question.

“…but it’s cheaper down the road.” -client
“I know, and I don’t care” – me

How to handle yourself in front of celebrities

I see it happen quite a bit. An intern or a PA will find themselves working on a set with a celebrity and they immediately come unglued. “Oh my God!!!! I’m your biggest fan! Can I get a picture with you? Please!!!” That phrase above, or anything like it, can be a real stinger to […]

Everything you’ll need to shoot video (properly) on your DSLR.

You’ve decided that the allure of shooting video with a DSLR was too much to resist. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. One of the major barriers of entry to this sort of product is the shear volume of stuff (crap) you have to buy just to make these things work “right.” So, since I have […]

This is your work, not your art; tips for working with clients on creative projects

We all decided to get into this business for our creativity – at least that was my intention. Somewhere along the way, however, I became more of a salesman and less of a creative person. This happened officially when I formed my own company, but the damage was done much earlier than that. This post […]

The Diary of an Uncreative Video Producer

I’m not very creative. There I said it. I tried to write a song once, and it was slightly less sophisticated than “Mary had a little lamb,” but slightly more inspired than most Nickelback songs. I’ve been working in this industry professionally for a decade, and I’ve been hiding that secret from anyone whom ever […]

How to calibrate your equipment using color bars

Not quite sure how to properly set up a monitor using color bars? Don’t worry, we take a few minutes to show you the process in full detail.

The secret to taping down (and removing) cables

Taping down your cables is a safe way to protect any location shoot. It’s also a good way to keep yourself from getting fired – or worse yet, sued. Here’s a quick tip video on how to properly tape down your cables and remove them without creating a mess.

Create a winning demo reel that people will actually watch

Whether you’re a budding camera operator or an aspiring editor, you’re going to have to create a demo reel at some point. Follow the tips here to create one that will be interesting to watch – instead of driving your audience to drink.

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You did the work – now it’s time to get paid. It all starts with an invoice.

You spent the day running cables, moving c-stands, lifting heavy cases and possibly getting coffee. Then you sit around and wait to be called on to run more cables, move more c-stands and lift more heavy cases. After it’s all over you spend the rest of your time wrapping cables, putting away gear and cleaning up. Now it’s time to get paid – so how do you get the cash that you deserve? It all starts with an invoice.

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