What people are saying

Production Apprentice is an ever-changing site dedicated to teaching the basics.  Here’s what some industry professionals are saying about our little community.  Thanks for the kind words!

“I think the productionapprentice site is a great idea and I applaud you for taking it on. I’ll definitely direct my students to it. Take care.”

Joe Hall, EdD
Associate Professor and RTV Area Coordinator
Nicholson School of Communication
University of Central Florida

“I think the site looks great and the information is really well written, nice job.  This is a really good thing that you are doing here and will really help out a lot of motivated young people.”

Tim Bartlett
General Manager
Adrenaline Films

“Nice job, John.  Clean, simple, thorough and engaging. I like it.”

Debbie Nanus
Commercial Production/Producer
WESH Newschannel 2