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Before you leave, normalize your gear

I have been working in the field quite a bit lately which is why I haven’t been able to write very many articles in the past two months. However, it has given me the opportunity to jot down some ideas that need to be discussed. The one that sticks in my mind right now is […]

Installing (and removing) a soft box

This quick tip video will show you how to install and remove a soft box on a light. This trick here is in the removal, so all of you newbies out there, pay attention.

Keeping a white card nearby is easy with this week’s quick tip

I was working on an edit for a show a few weeks ago and I noticed that the shooters in the field had a pretty good trick that they were using for white balancing their cameras.  When I saw what they were doing I thought to myself, ” why didn’t I think of that years […]

C-Stand quick tip – the easy and efficient way to raise any type of light stand or C-Stand

This week’s quick tip shows you the proper way to raise a C-Stand without expelling any extra energy or hurting those around you.

The secret to taping down (and removing) cables

Taping down your cables is a safe way to protect any location shoot. It’s also a good way to keep yourself from getting fired – or worse yet, sued. Here’s a quick tip video on how to properly tape down your cables and remove them without creating a mess.

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Always get generic versions from your talent

Think ahead before you wrap your talent on the shoot day. It is always a great idea to get some generic versions before you start to strike any location because you never know if the client will change their mind. (Here’s a little tip – the client will ALWAYS change their mind so try to prepare yourself accordingly – start by reading this post.)

The After Effects file saved the day

We all make mistakes, including me. Here’s a good example of how backing up every part of your project (not just the project files) will save you from turning a 20 minute “favor” into a full day of editing for free.

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