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Never turn down work

Never pass up an opportunity because you’re too good for it. You will always learn something new.

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Follow your leader – the easiest way to stay out of trouble while on set

Who makes up a typical crew? This article will illustrate the hierarchy behind a typical video or film production and will give you some insight into the proper protocol to follow when on set.

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Getting to know the C-Stand

One of the building blocks of production equipment – the C-stand. This article will talk about the basics of properly using a C-stand.

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When you don’t know what you’re doing – just ask.

Never feel intimidated by what you don’t know, especially if you’re new to the business. Simply ask questions to learn the proper way to accomplish your task. You will be surprised by how receptive the crew can be to answering questions that you might think are “stupid.”

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The art of wrapping cable

Learning how to wrap cables is usually the first thing a new crew member learns. It is a skill that is universal in the production community and may help keep your apartment tidy as well.

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Start here

This website is the gateway to video and film production. These posts are the basics of the industry and are geared towards anyone with an interest in video and film production. This is not meant to replace college, film school, or the school of hard knocks . . . but to enhance your learning experience.

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