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Create a winning demo reel that people will actually watch

Whether you’re a budding camera operator or an aspiring editor, you’re going to have to create a demo reel at some point. Follow the tips here to create one that will be interesting to watch – instead of driving your audience to drink.

Heather Heinz

Heather Heinz – Casting Director

Casting director Heather Heinz talks with Production Apprentice about the process of casting and gives us some great advice for actors and future casting directors.

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Bob Zelin – Video Engineer

Bob Zelin is a mastermind at constructing post facilities. He’s also the man you want around when something isn’t working. Bob talks with us about his thoughts on the future of the industry and gives some advice on how to stay alive in this business.

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Tutorial – A great way to begin any editing project

This tutorial explains the proper way to set up a media elements folder on your system so that you can keep all of your projects organized and easy to navigate. This tutorial is helpful for any non-linear editing platform including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. Start here before you begin your first editing project.

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Camera Functions – Image Controls

This post gets into the common controls and functions for proper image color and exposure. This is where you begin to earn your title of “camera operator.”

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Oliver Peters – Film/Video Editor, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor

Oliver Peters and I have a little chat about what it takes to be a good editor, as well as some advice for those of you that aspire to greatness in the field of post production. A very cool interview that you don’t want to miss.

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Stephen F. Campbell – Cinematographer / Camera Operator / Director

Stephen Campbell discusses his background in the world of motion picture cinematography and give some key information for anyone looking to begin a career in the camera department.

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Use a microphone – not the one on the camera

Professional audio requires a microphone that plugs into your camera. The one that comes with camera isn’t a good solution when you have talent that is speaking. Unless you like the sound of someone talking like they are a mile away . . . that’s up to you.

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Stephen Campbell talks about his work on Zombieland

Stephen Campbell describes his work on the film “Zombieland” as we watch the film’s trailer. If you’re interested in working as a camera operator on feature films this is a very cool video.

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Freelancing etiquette: working with people that you don’t know

Being a new freelancer can be exciting and challenging. Here’s some quick tips to start your life as a freelance production dude.