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Ellen Fox – Host of The Rotten Tomatoes show

Ellen sits down with us from her office in LA to talk about the show, and what she recommends for the aspiring writer/host.

UPDATE: Ellen Fox host of The Rotten Tomatoes Show interview online

I just got off of Skype with Ellen Fox of Current TV.  She’s the host of the Rotten Tomatoes show.  She gave us some great insight into how her show is produced and what the LA talent scene is like.  The interview will go up shortly.  Be sure to catch the show on Thursday’s at […]

Blood into Wine – A terrific wine documentary from the frontman of Tool

Frontman of the legendary rock bands Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifier, Maynard James Keenan, is splitting his time between rocking like hell, and “counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of a war drum” to make fine wines in the desert of Arizona. No, it’s not a joke. He’s totally serious about it. Real serious. Why do […]

The 5 most miserable VFX jobs that make movies possible.

John stumbled upon this funny article the other day, and I thought it was worth sharing. I learned a lot about the brutal, behind-the-scenes, visual effects jobs that make movies possible. Beware, there are some curse words. Article here.

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Freelancing etiquette: working with people that you don’t know

Being a new freelancer can be exciting and challenging. Here’s some quick tips to start your life as a freelance production dude.

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