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To Itemize Client Estimates or to Not? That is the Question.

“…but it’s cheaper down the road.” -client
“I know, and I don’t care” – me

One Year in 120 Seconds – An Amazing Video Timelapse

Photographer/Videographer Erik Solheim has a lot of patience and will power.  He shot video clips using his Canon 5Dmkii from the same position every day for all of one year. He then edited the video together in Final Cut Pro using dissolves to create this awesome Norwegian Timelapse. Feel free to visit Erik’s site as […]

Everything you’ll need to shoot video (properly) on your DSLR.

You’ve decided that the allure of shooting video with a DSLR was too much to resist. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. One of the major barriers of entry to this sort of product is the shear volume of stuff (crap) you have to buy just to make these things work “right.” So, since I have […]

Music Video Homework Awesomeness

This is the best music video ever made </sarcasm>. Learn from it. Quickly, find 3 poorly used production techniques and add them to the comments. Points for creativity as always.

The Diary of an Uncreative Video Producer

I’m not very creative. There I said it. I tried to write a song once, and it was slightly less sophisticated than “Mary had a little lamb,” but slightly more inspired than most Nickelback songs. I’ve been working in this industry professionally for a decade, and I’ve been hiding that secret from anyone whom ever […]

Documenting your own survival: Les “Survivorman” Stroud talks about staying alive and getting the shot

You may have heard of Les Stroud. He hosted the show Survivorman, where Les was the director, shooter, audio guy, sherpa and talent. Not ’cause he’s an egomaniac, but because he was literally the only person left to survive for 7 days on some “god forsaken” part of the planet. The challenges of shooting in […]

The Production Guide to unpaid work, freeloading clients, and their soul sucking projects: My opus

Your promised utopian production scenario has crashed down around you. Learn from this.

The Aspect Ratio Police – Why we’re not all that fat

Too many shows are being displayed in the incorrect aspect ratio. So many, that blogger and former ILM employee Tony Hurd, decided to tell the world about it on his site The Aspect Ratio Police.  He tells the story of Cable TV techs incorrectly setting TV’s to “wide” and saying it was HD.  I know […]

Prop Newspapers – I still have much to learn in this industry

A funny look at the prop newspaper that’s been circulating the film/tv industry for years. Image Via

A Cool, Free, Photo Lighting Plot Designer

Kill a few minutes with this thing. You won’t regret it.

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